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The list below are clients represented by Paine Pacific.  This list is updated regularly but more current information may be available upon inquiry.  For additional detail about these clients and/or the types of potential opportunities please reach out via our contact page.

Opportunities on the Horizon

Deals On The Horizon
  • Commercial Landscape/Design​​​

  • Commercial Paving/Curbing

  • Cyber Security/Data Encryption

  • Multi-site Bakery/Cafe

  • Cinematic VR

  • EV - Electric Scooter

  • Distillery

  • Branded Ice Cream

  • Vinyl Music Distribution

  • Kombucha

Current Opportunities

Active Clients

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 11.28.14 AM.png

Our client is a parent operating Company with two separate businesses under DBA designations.  First is an OIL & GAS WELL PRODUCTION SERVICE business based in Colorado.  Currently operating 15+ rigs through two locations and expanding.  The second DBA is a business recently acquired by the Company that provides GEOTHERMAL DRILLING and well drilling services.  The geothermal business is part of the rapidly growing geothermal energy market and the surge towards renewable energy across the globe.   Geothermal drilling has one location and currently doing business across 7 States.





Drilling, Geothermal Drilling, Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas Well:  2023P $7M;  2022 $5.4M

Geothermal:  2023P $8.3M;  2022 $3M

Oil & Gas Well:  2023P $2.2M;  2022 $833K

Geothermal:  2023P $3M;  2022 $-830K

Image by lan deng
  Sell-Side Objective  

45 year old commercial grower of succulents has exceeded its monthly revenues and profits targets every month since the start of 2019 and in 2021 will exceed all records in its history as the nursery, and specifically the succulent (cactus) markets, continue to boom across the world.

Specializing in cactus and other succulent plants, selling to garden centers, brokers and small chains. They have over half a century of experience, and a large diversified and loyal customer base.




2022P  < $5M;  2021  < $5M 


2022P  $1.09M;  2021  $978K

Licensed Roofing Picture.jpeg
  Sell-Side Objective  

50+ year old commercial roofing company grew 40% in 2020 as infrastructure growth and spending expands. 

Established commercial roofing installation and repair business serving the Washington, Idaho and Oregon markets. Commercial repair and installation across wide variety of materials and applications.


Business Services, Commercial Construction 


2022P  $10-15M;  2021  $10-15M 


2022P  $3.6M;  2021  $2.49M

  Sell-Side Objective  

A smart full service Cloud based platform (SaaS) with real-time clean energy grid analysis that reduces energy consumption and maximizes use of renewable resources.  For both commercial and residential buildings the company's products and services provide controls for HVAC, lighting and energy management across multiple platforms and locations, reducing costs and allowing customers to reach sustainability goals.  Customers can experience up to 30% energy savings and utilize incentives by integrating in-demand response and energy efficiency programs. 


SaaS, Energy Management


2021  $2.28M 

Gross Profit:

2021  $681K

Other Opportunities

At the Office
  Buy-Side Objective  


Staffing, Labor


Temp & perm. placement for commercial and industrial sectors (West of Rockies)

Target Size:


Sell-Side - Equity sale or financing; Buy-Side - Looking to acquire; New Technology - New business financing or sale
Recent Deals

Closed Deals

Sell-Side Objective


Empty Factory
Sell-Side Objective


Image by Frantzou Fleurine
Sell-Side Objective


Image by Scott Graham
Sell-Side Objective

Financial Services Company


Office Building
Sell-Side Objective
Christmas Tree Farm
Buy-Side Objective
Strategic Capital Objective
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