Transaction Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Debt and Equity Financing, Strategics

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Pre Transaction Preparation,  The Story,  The Right Target


While a traditional M&A firm will focus on financial performance and valuations for funding and M&A transaction, Paine Pacific's model is to define a path to achieve the greatest value and then prepare for that course by enhancing the clients value and profile to achieve its sale, acquisition or financing objectives. This "Pre-transaction Preparation" is basic to the Paine Pacific approach and serves as the foundation for the subsequent implementation of a successful transaction.

Paine Pacific has a unique approach to presenting its clients through the use of a template we call "The Story". This template was designed to communicate the key values and assets of the client and to put it in context of where it is today and where it will go tomorrow. We highlight those key elements that the buyers are looking for, what they fear and what they do not know so that we have a complete The Story that is relevant to the needs and interests of the potential partner. We use a variety of mediums to do this including online CIM's, videos, photographs and specific tools to capture the right audience.


With good preparation and the Story, it is imperative to then identify the "Right Target" that matches the client's operational and strategic structure, as well as the culture and vision identified within the company. This is key to the success of the resulting entities in M&A, partnerships and financings so that all parties operate and integrate as a viable business. The end result is a functional match between companies and their personnel as well as a transaction that meets market value objectives.


Sell-Side Services

Buy-Side Services

Prepare the client to be funded and ultimately to reach a significant market ROI.


  • Review the business and personal objectives of the company's principals and shareholders;


  • Conduct strategic and operational validation toward projected goals;


  • Review the market conditions and "target" profiles;


  • Develop a strategic plan for the client and make adjustments


  • Make adjustments to the companies profile


  • Reposition the company for optimum return


  • Redirect company toward long-term ROI


  • Implement plan to funding


Paine Pacific business advisory services facilitates this process with the objective of having minimal impact on the client, thus allowing the owners and/or operators to continue to focus on managing and growing their business. Paine Pacific, LLC has developed relationships around the world, providing a broad reach and significant opportunity to its clients.