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Business Consulting and Advisory

Business Growth Advisory, Management Consulting, Project Management

Growth Advisory (Management Consulting)

"Business Growth Advisory" has been a long standing term used at PP to define the process of helping clients by assessing their current business and market opportunity, defining personal and business objectives, then helping to build and implement a strategic plan, with new opportunities and projects through Paine Pacific's experience and resources.  Effectiveness is never about size, it's about having the time, experience and expertise to work smart and create efficiencies based on strong resources and new thinking.  Industry wide, 25% - 40% of all spending on company objectives and projects is wasted as a result of re-work and 70% - 85% of all project re-work costs are due to errors in understanding the objective, what is required to meet them and personnel capabilities and/or bandwidth.

Paine Pacific advises companies, boards and C-level teams on the functional and strategic operations of their business to maximize their effectiveness, establish growth initiatives to meet objectives and to create value.  As a third party, Paine Pacific is able to bring this "out of the box" thinking from 21 years of industry wide experience to clients seeking to grow, restructure, or create liquidity for themselves, their shareholders and employees. 

Understand, Address and Meet Objectives

Enhance Existing Capital Structure

Grow and Create Company Value

Evaluate and understand core business, challenges, needs and trajectory of company 


Define paths to help resolve, grow or meet current objectives.


Test and evaluate market trends, conditions and feasability of these paths 


Define, create and adjust a "living" strategic plan to achieve objectives


Implement plan with management all the way to completing of company objectives

  • Traditional Bank Financing

  • Debt Financing

  • Private Equity

  • Venture Capital

  • Private Placement

  • Friends and Family

  • Angel Funding


Identify liquidity objectives 


Acquire competitors or piece of competitors’ business, including:


Competitor consolation

New product line growth


Exit strategies


Liquidation of partners/investors


Crises sales/Fire sales


Acquire undervalued businesses or assets

Project Management

Paine Pacific provides consulting services to companies looking to move their company forward on new initiatives, projects, corrective projects and strategic models that will drive their business.


No matter the industry or size of the project, the process to a successful on time, on budget conclusion is the same.  Planning, expertise, feasability, resource availability and a commitment to get it done.  Paine Pacific brings these resources to its clients.


Select areas of our experience.

  • Technology Development and Implementation

  • Product Creation, Direction and Launch

  • Operations, Management, Organization and Personnel

  • Restructuring and Reorganization

  • Market Strategy Developemnt and Analytics

  • Director and Advisory Board Management 

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