Who We Are

Paine Pacific is a boutique M&A investment bank and Management Consulting business providing clients with the outcomes they desire in M&A, growth, transition and personal exits.  We provide consulting services across all aspects of an operating business to help clients of all types and sizes achieve their personal and business goals and we provide a proven M&A process that ensures any transaction completed delivers the financial, personal and business objectives of our clients.

Who Are Our Clients

Our clients are people and their companies who are looking for someone to help them achieve their goals from wanting to grow organically or inorganically, buy or sell (M&A), restructure the business or raise capital (debt and equity). We listen, create a strategy, build a plan and then implement and manage it all the way until their goals are achieved.


Our History

Paine Pacific was founded in 1998 in Portland, Oregon to bring an operational approach to M&A and Business Consulting to the underserved small business markets. Founder Nels Paine’s career started in the small business sector primarily with startups and turnarounds. After a series of successes (and one big failure), he realized how much work it took to run, grow and create a success for investors, principals and employees in the smaller capital markets.  He also realized that most M&A and investment banking firms had no interest in providing services to this range of companies. Thus the birth of Paine Pacific.


It became clear in the first few years that many of Paine Pacific’s clients had business and personal objectives but were unclear about how to reach them or were not in a position to achieve them in their current operational form.  Paine Pacific provided these clients with the help they needed to understand what was possible and the best course to take based on their business, market and industry and then assisted them in getting there. While this was done typically done as part of a transaction objective, over time the business added this as a standalone discipline of Business Consulting providing operational and strategic advice and implementation to help clients meet their stated or learned objectives or to lead them toward a considered transaction. Paine Pacific’s core business in M&A received the benefits of this new segment.  In both disciplines Paine Pacific grew its business based on the premise of helping clients achieve their ultimate fiscal and company potential and realize the value in more successful transactions. Over the past 22 years the company has provided these services to over 425 companies in more than 100 different industries across the U.S. and around the world.


In the process of developing a growing database of fiscal and strategic buyers we noticed a shift in our inbound private equity buyers looking for deals from private equity funds to family offices. These family offices were looking to break away from traditional private equity funds due to the desire to control their investment hold times, type of deals invested in and of course fees. So they reverted to investing in deals directly (Direct Investing) however many of these family offices did not have the experience or resources to solicit or carry through private equity transactions successfully.  As a result, Paine Pacific began offering a custom full service investment vehicle in private equity for family offices (and high new worth individuals). See Family offices Services


Over the years these services have expanded to offer a wider scope of family offices services including office creation and management, investment portfolio diversification and personal concierge services.


Paine Pacific’s goal is to provide solutions to those who are interested in achieving goals for themselves, their businesses and their assets and investments.


Our Team

Isabel McKay Headshot.JPG

Isabel McKay



Board Advisors


David Arnold

Founder and President, Arnold Partners


Dave is the principal and founder of a boutique executive search firm focused on CFO and Board search for both public and private companies. He has placed over 100 CFO's into a wide variety of industries up and down the West Coast. Dave has spent the last 20 years in executive search after beginning his career in finance at Sun Microsystems and Apple Computer. Dave holds a BA from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.


Brent Keeton

Managing Partner, Grange Capital, LLC


Brent Keeton is co-founder, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Grange Capital. He is responsible for oversight of portfolio management for all client accounts.  Prior to co-founding the firm, Brent spent 16 years with Merrill Lynch and 3 years with UBS/PaineWebber as Senior Vice President, managing portfolios for high net worth individuals, retirement plans, and institutions.


F. Ward Paine

Founder and Managing Partner, Oscco Ventures


Ward was one of the first venture capitalists to open offices at 3000 Sand Hill Road in the late 1960’s.  Since that time, Oscco Ventures raised 3 funds through five partnerships and invested in over 50 deals prior to retiring in 2000. Ward is the father of PPC’s principal partner, Nels Paine

Jim Towne.jpg

James C. Towne

President & COO Microsoft Corporation


Jim was the first President of Microsoft Corporation in 1982.  His career has included roles as VP, President, CEO or Chairman of Greenfield Holdings, Tektronix, Osteo Sciences Corp., Metheus, Photon Kinetics, and MCV.  He holds an MBA from Stanford.