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Investment Banking Services

Debt & Equity Capitalization, Equipment Financing, FX & International Payments, Human Resources Management

Debt & Equity Capitalization

Paine Pacific has a long history with financial and strategic partners offering fiscal vehicles to their clients.    Lines of credit, debt and equity capitalization and recapitalization and Paine Pacific's broad opportunity base of strategic equity capital partners are excellent resources provided to clients for years to grow and sustain their core business.  

Equipment Financing

Paine Pacific has provided equipment financing solutions to clients for 20 years.  We maintain a very strong partner base offering a wide variety of asset based lending vehicles to clients to allow for immediate business leverage.

FX & International Payments Advisory

With over 30 years experience working with the leading global financial institutions, we provide advisory expertise in FX and interest rate risk management, cross border payments, and emerging FinTech solutions.


For years the opaque FX market has been dominated by a select group of big bank providers who have driven costs by controlling access to information and services - FinTechs have emerged to become a disruptive force but most do not provide complete solutions.  We can match the best in class solutions with each of our clients needs.


We serve a broad spectrum of clients including FinTech providers, regional and community banks, financial institutions, small and medium size corporations  Family Offices and membership organizations. We bring together the best customer development, technology, and banking resources to the new world market that demands Safe, Efficient and Cost Effective global FX and IP solutions.

We have built a rich network over the decades to which we connect our partners, creating value for FX and international payments solutions and allowing our clients to scale customer development.

Customer Base Development

  • Bank/provider SME customer development

  • Bank/provider retail customer development

  • Access to worldwide markets and customer targets

  • Scale strategies through social outreach and funnel marketing


FinTech Solutions for Banks, Companies and Membership Organizations

  • White label technology solutions for financial institutions - smaller banks can provide their own FX/IP solutions to their customers and create new sources of fee income

  • Branded solutions to compliment existing infrastructure

  • Direct FX / international payments solutions for SMEs and large corporates - safe, digital solutions with significant cost saves


Partnerships for Technology Companies 

  • We can introduce Banks and FIs to technology companies 

  • Provider customer development strategies - bank, corporate, retail - how to survive and scale in the US market

  • Individual (private) retail solutions - for membership organizations and Family Offices


Strategic Advisory

  • PP has 20 years in active business consulting and advisory

  • Access to our network

  • Over 400 companies across 75 different industries

  • Helping clients reach their objectives

Providing unique access to Foreign Exchange (FX) and International Payments (IP) customers, Best in Class payments technologies, and advisory services to create/enhance an existing service offering and grow a meaningful customer base.

Human Resource Services

Paine Pacific Human Resource Services specialize in talent management and organizational effectiveness.

Every client we work with is our highest priority.  We take a customized approach, listening and collaborating to create effective and essential solutions that incorporate long term value and accountability while always staying abreast of the latest HR research and advanced solutions so you don’t have to.

Common Practices include:

  • Performing internal review and audit of current systems and policies

  • Advising on best human capital management practices

  • Strategically integrating effective HR best practices into daily operations

  • Ensuring HR programs and services are in compliance with established policies and procedures and state/federal laws and regulations

  • Developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures

  • Working with internal team on best practice effective hiring process 

  • Creating Organizational Chart - current and future for strategic hiring and plan

  • Ascertaining future hires and timing - begin pipeline

  • Providing job descriptions and postings for all current and new positions

  • Reviewing Salary and Benefit package for competitiveness

  • Participating in the design, development and implementation of continuous performance/feedback program 

  • Providing company with benchmarked compensation model 

  • Establishing merit based compensation programs 

  • Developing employee succession through partnerships and employee retention programs

  • Selecting and implementing suitable HR technology if needed

  • Preparing and maintaining reports related to specific HR needs


Common projects include:

●      Creating usable strategic plans

●      Developing effective hiring processes

●      Branding and marketing to attract talent and talent pipelines

●      Recruiting and Talent Management

●      Creating cultures that work and total rewards programs

●      Developing customized performance review processes

●      Advising on sensitive employee relations, restructuring, terminations

●      Strategic and process flow planning

●      Creating usable sales and marketing plans

●      Conducting employee training and building succession plans

●      Creating a compliant workplace

●      Creating competitive pay and benefit strategies

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