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Paine Pacific, LLC - Sell-Side Opportunity in Energy Management SaaS

August 2022


Smart Energy Management for Lower Energy Consumption, Increased Renewable Energy and Achieving Sustainability Goals

A smart full service Cloud based platform (SaaS) with real-time clean energy grid analysis that reduces energy consumption and maximizes use of renewable resources. For both commercial and residential buildings the company's products and services provide controls for HVAC, lighting and energy management across multiple platforms and locations, reducing costs and allowing customers to reach sustainability goals. Customers can experience up to 30% energy savings and utilize incentives by integrating in-demand response and energy efficiency programs.

Client is part of the Global Energy Management Systems market that is projected to reach US$ 153.62 billion in 2030 due to government rising concern and response to the energy crisis. Company is looking for an investor or strategic partner to capitalize on the growing market demand. Industry: SaaS, Energy Management Revenue: $2.2M 2021 Gross Profit: $681K 2021

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