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New Landscape Design, Construction and Services Opportunity

September 2023


Paine Pacific’s new client specializes in innovative outdoor landscape design and construction for both commercial and residential customers. The company is led by industry veterans with over 40 years of experience in hardscape/landscape construction and horticulture implementation and service and is supported by a highly skilled workforce of 50+ employees. The Company’s expertise spans various domains, including landscape, masonry, design, forestry, botanical, and lighting, enabling them to deliver creative and unique results in each project they undertake. The exceptional quality of their work has been recognized through the prestigious “Best Landscaper” award in their operating state as well as a consistent flow of recurring customers.

Client has grown YOY with the majority of business coming from word of mouth while the demand for their innovative outdoor landscape solutions continues to rise for both commercial and residential customers. Our client is projecting 11% growth in 2023, continuing its trajectory to becoming a regional market leader.

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