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Paine Pacific, LLC - Early Stage Opportunities

November 2022


Medical Engineering & Equipment Manufacturing Opportunities

Paine Pacific has two clients in pre-production phases of growth and are positioned to move to market with patented, scientifically proven products. A brief description of each company is noted below:

Altitude Training Chamber for Medical and Fitness

The Company engineered and manufactured a patented hypobaric chamber that is a unique and scientifically-proven altitude training and conditioning system. Founded by Olympic athletes and backed by medical and engineering professionals, it is the world’s first commercially available system that simulates actual conditions experienced at high elevation (barometric pressure and low oxygen) with pulsatile non-accommodating pressure changes. The user can work out on a treadmill, cycle ergometer, or comfortably recover in a zero-gravity chair and experience a wide range of benefits from improved performance to relief/recovery from a wide range of medical conditions.

After years of research and development building, using and testing its fully functional prototype, the Company is now building its first production units and seeking a $10M Series A round of funding to move to full production. These funds will be used for the fabrication of additional units, targeted field testing, medical studies and a sales/marketing plan. Industry: Medical, Fitness, Equipment Manufacturing

Revenue: Pre Revenue Objective: $10M Series A


Medical Device Company for Heart Failure (Heart Disease)

A Medical Device Engineering Company that has been applying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, as well as traditional algorithm development, to the problem of heart failure for 20 years. Today the company’s business has evolved its market strategy from a licensing model to a strategic integration and standalone medical device business with their non-invasive heart monitoring device. The device is a life saving, at-home patient monitoring system that provides doctors remote access to data to assess risk factors and allow users to interact with medical professionals with critical real time information notifications.

Altitude Training Chamber for Medical and Fitness To date, licensing the technology has provided near term revenue, however their FDA Breakthrough Device Designation and strong patent position has prepared it for US clinical trials, 510k/PMA FDA approvals and the launch of its own market product. Company is seeking a strategic equity/financing partner(s) who can help leverage their existing business as they move to market. The investment would support R&D, clinical trials and final IDE & FDA approval and market launch. Industry: Medical Engineering, Cardiac Monitoring Device, Heart Failure Revenue: $1.05M 2022P Objective: Strategic Equity/Investment


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