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Energy Management SaaS - Distressed Deal Opportunity

November 2022


Immediate Action Needed

Our client was put in a difficult position with post-Covid supply chain issues. Some of this has been resolved however it has left them in a challenging cash position. 2023 is projected to exceed $3M with over 60% margins as a result of their shift to a SaaS based business model. Client is looking for a partner to quickly step in to allow the company to execute on pre-sold contracts and fulfill orders.

Client is a smart full service Cloud based platform (SaaS) with real-time clean energy grid analysis that reduces energy consumption and maximizes use of renewable resources. For both commercial and residential buildings the company's products and services provide controls for HVAC, lighting and energy management across multiple platforms and locations, reducing costs and allowing customers to reach sustainability goals. Customers can experience up to 30% energy savings and utilize incentives by integrating in-demand response and energy efficiency programs.

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