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Pacific Paine Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Paine Pacific is Celebrating 20 Years Paine Pacific is expanding its services to the Private Equity, Venture Capital and Family Office industries.

Paine Pacific is an investment banking firm based in Portland, Oregon that has helped over 400 companies in more then 120 industries worldwide meet their various objectives by providing them with Growth Advisory, Transaction Advisory, Management Consulting and Investment Banking related services. Our clients range from small businesses to global leaders that are owned publicly or privately and often by Private Equity, Venture Capital or Family Offices. We focus on providing solutions directly to operating companies that are in need of strategic growth change, restructuring, equity or debt capital, or looking to realize an exit for the business. In 2018 we are bringing these services to the private equity, venture capital and family office industries to serve their existing portfolio companies or target investments to achieve their investment or ROI objectives and to exclusively bring new deals that meet their platform or add-on investment objectives. Let us know how we can support your company or portfolio company objectives. Thank you, Tara Gordon Director of Client Services 503-697-6922 ext 302


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PAINE PACIFIC, LLC provides investment banking services including business growth advisory (business development services), M&A, equity and debt financing, management consulting and project management services. Please visit for more information or contact us below.

CONTACT: 503.697.6922 ext. 302 Tara Gordon

Our mailing address is:

3 Monroe Parkway, Suite P250, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

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