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Paine Pacific to expand focus on food and beverage industry and the needs of the "food revoluti

Over the past 10 years, the food and beverage industry has evolved at a rapid pace to focus on products that meet a more critical customer and audience. Industry and health trends and human allergy restrictions have driven entirely new markets and demands. In parallel, the demand for local foods and quality products has created a more sophisticated palate and a higher expectation at the retail counter and restaurant table.

This market evolution has caused a flurry of new businesses in the food and beverage industry. Paine Pacific has become actively involved in bringing its services to this market, helping established businesses reach new product thresholds and new businesses grow and expand in this more competitive and demanding market.

"We have seen a market swell of clients who want to bring their success and products to the retail and consumer food markets. This includes chefs, restaurateurs, farmers and food craftsmen who have the skills and the products to be successful and are looking for the expertise and resources to make it happen,", said Nels Paine, Managing Director at Paine Pacific. "This is especially true here in Portland where there is a "food revolution" which we see starting to occur all across the US. Our business is to help our clients navigate these markets and exceed objectives."

Paine Pacific is a growth advisory and investment banking services business based in Portland, Oregon. For more information please contact Tara Gordon at Paine Pacific at 503.697.6922 ext 302 or

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