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Guitarfish Music opening new store in Clackamas, Oregon.


Guitarish Music now has three store locations in the Portland area. May 9th, 2015 will be the Grand Opening of the third store located in Clackamas, Oregon. 16440 SE 82nd Drive, Clackamas, Oregon.

Guitarfish Music is a new style music education and instrument retailer like none before. With the introduction of the Studiostore concept, Guitarfish brings the wonder of learning to play guitar, bass, drums, piano, or to sing to a broad audience. Each Guitarfish Studiostore features state-of-the-art lesson studios, qualified instructors, and a family friendly retail environment that makes it easy to not only learn to play, but to learn how to choose instruments and accessories that are right for the individual. Gone are the hundreds of brands of guitars, drums, and keyboards; by focusing on a smaller selection of high quality instruments geared toward the beginner and intermediate player, the Guitarfish Studiostore staff is able to guide anyone of any age in their choosing the gear that’s right for them.

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