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Nels Paine to Judge 30K Competition

Nels Paine will return for the third year as a judge at the Wyoming University 30K Competition.

The John P. Ellbogen $30K Entrepreneurship Competition at the University of Wyoming (UW) is designed to encourage students in the UW community to act on their talents, ideas, and energy to produce tomorrow's leading businesses. The $30K Competition awards cash prizes to outstanding teams of student entrepreneurs who submit their business plans for new ventures showing significant business potential. The competition encourages teams to act on their dreams and build plans for their own companies and fortunes through a network of students, mentors, investors, and potential partners.

Students from all colleges at UW at the undergraduate and graduate levels are welcome to enter the competition. Multi-disciplinary teams that combine members from many disciplines are encouraged, as these teams bring together the variety of skills required for a successful venture.


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