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Paine Pacific Small Business (PPSB)

Providing Market Access To Opportunities Below The Radar



Where we came from... 



In 1998 I started Paine Pacific to bring investment banking and specifically mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to the small business and small cap markets where traditional investment banks were not able or willing to go. This is where I came from, small business, where I experienced what it took to run a small business while concurrently trying to reach the "exit" and "ROI" goals of my investors and ultimately myself and my operating partners. Paine Pacific served and has continued to serve these small undeserved companies and over the years has successfully evolved as a business and begun to serve a larger and broader client base. Today we have helped over 500 companies, from $0 revenue to $12B, across a broad range of industries and markets. But our roots and desire to help smaller businesses remains a priority.


Through this time Paine Pacific has established a reputation with investment banking and across industries as the place for any size company to come who wants to consider a financial transaction - financing, M&A or strategic transaction - as we provide a vehicle to help prepare and maximize value and success through focus, structure and strategy - a business we call Growth Advisory.  The result of this work is our facilitating the transaction (Transaction Advisory) from start to finish, remaining focused on the original objective as the ultimate outcome.


As a result of these practices we have a healthy stream of small to large companies in transition, growing or in need of a partner, investor or strategic avenue. With the combination of PP's Growth Advisory and Transaction Advisory services we've been able to answer the demand whether it is offering strategic advice and guidance or a committed relationship toward achieving an objective or transition.


These processes and clients have become more complex and our clients much larger as we have grown but so have our resources, expertise and record of success.  Today we want to take what we have built and reach back to our roots to bring a special level of Growth Advisory and Transaction Advisory to the smaller, changing and growing companies in a format that meets their capacities and ultimate objectives. This program is called PPSB and has the charter of providing a refined version of our advisory services with full access to our PPSB network and the open market we serve today including strategic industry investors, Angel and private investors, VC and private equity, debt and equity lenders.  

If you are a small business in need of direction, guidance or traditional Investmnets banking and M&A support in a package that fits your financial model and company/personal objectives, this program is for you.


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Nels Paine


Nels Paine

Managing Director

Paine Pacific, LLC

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