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Paine Pacific was founded in 1998 in Portland, Oregon to bring an operational style of M&A and business growth advisory to the underserved emerging markets. Founder Nels Paine’s career started in the small business sector primarily with startups and turnarounds. After a series of successes and one big failure, he realized how much work it took to run, grow and create a success for investors, principals and employees in the smaller cap markets.  He also realized that most M&A firms had no interest in providing services to these markets.

It became clear in the first few years that many of Paine Pacific’s clients had objectives but were unclear about how to reach them or were not in a position to achieve them in their current form.  Paine Pacific provided a vehicle to help them understand what was possible and what they could do based on their business and would assist them in getting there. Over time the business evolved into a growth advisory and M&A firm providing operational and strategic advice and implementation with transaction advisory. Today we help clients achieve their ultimate fiscal and product potential and realize the value in more successful transactions. 


The company has provided services to over 250 companies in more than 45 different industries across the U.S. and Canada.


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