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Paine Pacific provides Family Offices with a unique and custom approach to private equity investments focused on the specific desires of each individual Family Office and supported through Paine Pacific's 20 years of expertise and established deal flow. 

Family Office's Direct Investing is one of the fastest growing segments of equity investing in the world. Long considered a core player in the "Limited Partner Pool", Family Offices have begun to move to Direct Investing, allowing them to avoid the fees associated with Private Equity funds and to give them the freedom to invest without the time limitations created by PE funds ROI goals and fund evolution. This allows investments with no end date and no artificial pressure to perform and in line with the ROI goals of the Family Office.

Paine Pacific has been working with companies directly impacted by the the PE and VC space for over 20 years and understands the dynamics of investing and managing portfolio investments from the company side. We recognize that Family Office investments are often different from traditional PE investments and the needs of the Office is specific to each. As a result, we can advise, enhance or create a Direct Investment Strategy for Family Offices that meets the specific goals of the Office and offers a successful diversification strategy. 

Family Office Investment Advisory

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Existing Direct Investing Platforms

Advise, manage and /or maintain Family Office Direct Investments to help build, grow or exit working and non-working portfolio companies of family offices.

Provide Paine Pacific Business Consulting Services to help manage and drive existing portfolio investments toward ROI or an established objective.

Provide diligence services to Family Offices for new portfolio investments

Provide deal flow and target searches for established Direct Investment Strategies of Family Offices.

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